RACI Matrix: A useful Project Management tool in Software Development

The “A” refers to the person who delegates and ensures the correctness of the respective tasks. “C” refers to the person providing input and feedback for specific tasks because the respective task has direct influence on their own work. “I” refers to the people who are informed about the progress and completion of the project. It also describes raci matrix for software development the project tasks that need to be completed in advance to eliminate confusion and bottlenecks. The project plan details every task to be completed, the timeline, and how the project is to be managed. The RACI chart, on the other hand, is only a simple visual of the different roles and responsibilities across major project tasks.

  • ” That’s likely — it’s popular among scrum masters and agile managers.
  • You don’t want to overwork certain members of the team while others coast.
  • In addition, you should ensure that only a limited number of roles and tasks are added to the matrix.
  • Across all of these subtasks, Natalie and Anji are responsible for individual tasks that contribute to the goal of building design and animations.

In such cases, the RACI approach will help all the people involved in the development easily navigate the work process by identifying the people who have the final say. Keep reading to find out which specific processes and project types could benefit the most from using the RACI model template. If you are a https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ project manager looking for software that will make your life easier, the RACI chart is the way to go. As in the case of the Team Lead, he performs some supervision over the team members and their relationships. He takes care of the order of work and the optimal level of motivation for each of the members.

Define expectations with an online RACI matrix

Work your way down the task list until the whole model is filled out. Keep in mind that tasks may have more than one responsible stakeholder, but there should only be one accountable person per task. Follow these four steps to strategically allocate project roles and assignments. It is perfect in combination with the goal-setting framework OKR when used to clearly divide responsibilities and roles for various Key Results. If an organization uses OKRs, then the RACI matrix is suitable for the operational implementation of OKRs. Using the chart, OKR owners, Key Result owners and initiative owners can be determined.

raci matrix for software development

Assigning the accountable role to a high-level executive or project manager for all tasks is a mistake. Since they have the final say on when a job is complete, you instantly create a bottleneck. Instead, don’t be afraid to assign that role to experienced staff on the project team itself, who is most familiar with the work.


Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution for small and midsize companies. It offers project scheduling and budgeting, which allows project managers to define project tasks, assign them to their teams, estimate project costs and follow up on tasks. The RACI matrix is a simple but extremely useful tool to define and keep track of project roles and responsibilities. It avoids duplication of tasks, eliminates confusion, and clarifies what’s expected of each stakeholder, ensuring everyone is on the same page and that projects run smoothly.

raci matrix for software development

When we combine the Matrix RACI and Scrum framework, we boost our chances to significantly facilitate the technical issues of management and to improve the dynamics of project development. That way, your entire project team has visibility into who’s doing what by when—and you’re not relying on a single person to manage and update your RACI chart. Project management tools update in real time, so you can see exactly where you are in the approval process. PM tools – like Jira, Asana, Teamwork – usually provide you with standard roles you can turn into RACI matrix responsibilities. For instance, assignees can serve as responsible, task owners can serve as accountable, collaborators can serve as consulted and informed. Find a tool that fits your RACI matrix and is convenient to use for your team.

Browse blank templates and sample RACI matrices

Within those main tasks, you may have smaller subtasks to perform, like approving wireframes or setting up billing info for the domain host. Work with your team to identify those subtasks so no surprises come up along the way that may interfere with your workflow and delay the deliverables. The “C,” or consulted individual, is the knowledge-holder on the team. You may want to consult your website administrator to make sure you have full access to the content management system and won’t break anything with your new CSS ideas. That person could be affected by the outcomes of the task and for this reason should be informed, but isn’t the consultant and does not contribute to the task completion.

By listing all stakeholders and assigning a level of involvement for each task, the chart helps teams communicate clearly and keep the right people in the loop. This model simplifies CARS with just the Responsible, Approve and Support roles. It eliminates communication outside the project team, which would need to be accounted for another way in the project management method.

What is Scrum?

Team identification – defining the competencies of cooperating persons and assigning tasks in terms of them. It is also worth noting that in the case of these individual stages, it will make it easier to appoint individual team members to deal with them and illustrate how the project will look more or less in time. It’s worth considering something that can further improve our operations.

raci matrix for software development

However, it should be remembered that apart from introducing RACI, you need to check all phases of the project yourself and how people selected for a part of the projected deal with it. He verifies, conducts tests, and proposes alternative solutions in case of errors. In the case of a back-end developer, his ace in his pocket is business logic and creating data layers. He also deals with building queries to databases and their optimization.

RACI matrix rules and roles

In project management, that can make a world of difference in your success. Establishing clear roles can lead to higher employee engagement and easier agile decision-making. This can contribute to up to 53% more efficiency than before you had defined roles. Clear project roles and responsibilities can help your team move fast and reduce confusion about who’s working on what.

raci matrix for software development

To learn more about optimizing Agile for your team’s development projects, read this comprehensive article on Agile project management. Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that empowers teams to clarify complexity, align their insights, and build the future—faster. With this intuitive, cloud-based solution, everyone can work visually and collaborate in real time while building flowcharts, mockups, UML diagrams, and more. While “Informed” stakeholders typically don’t provide insights or direction, they can operate more effectively in their spheres of responsibility when they know what’s going on. The RACI matrix improves project efficiency and effectiveness across the board. Besides clearly designating roles, the RACI matrix encourages greater communication at every level.

Future of Work Management Report 2023

While the structure and approach of this model for role clarity may not seem agile and flexible at first glance, it actually does combine well with other methods, such as OKR. As simple and clear as the RACI matrix is, it can also become confusing very quickly if too many tasks or employees are listed. The maintenance of the chart also takes time if tasks, goals or similar aspects are changed throughout the project. This RACI chart is specifically built for the needs of marketing teams. Project management, campaign, product, and brand marketing, as well as customer success, a.k.a deliverables, are positioned on the left.

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